Private Swim Lessons

General Information

  • Individual 30-minute lessons for children and adults. 
  • You schedule the time!  Once your registration has been received & processed (usually 72 hours but up to a week depending on the instructor/pool-specific demand), the instructor will be calling you to set up dates, times, and to discuss appropriate class levels and/or concerns/needs!



  • 1 - 4 lessons:  $25 each
  • 5 - 9 lessons:  $23 each
  • 10 + lessons:  $20 each



  • Registration for lessons will begin the first week of May at


Skills Taught:

  • Specific skills will be practiced in each of the corresponding levels. If your child has mastered all of the techniques of a particular level, he/she is ready to be enrolled in the next higher class!
  • Please Note: If there are skill sets that need improvement, or if you are unsure of the appropriate level, please register for the lower level or see an instructor to evaluate their swimming ability prior to enrollment. If you sign up for a level and the instructor finds the student should be moved to a different level (higher or lower), he/she will contact you to make arrangements.


Level Descriptions:


    • Water safety rules/skills

    • Water confidence

    • Wet face & blow bubbles

    • Retrieve object from pool bottom

    • Introduce bobbing

    • Front & back float

    • Flutter kicking front & back

    • Jump in with/without assist


    • Front & back glide

    • Push off side in streamline position

    • Introduce rotational breathing

    • Introduce survival floating

    • Demonstrate alternate arm stroke

    • Swim freestyle

    • Swim backstroke

    • Tread water



    • Demonstrate body dolphin

    • Proper breaststroke kick

    • Swim breaststroke

    • Swim butterfly

    • Discuss diving safety

    • Perform a head-first entry

    • Demonstrate open turns

    • Demonstrate flip turns


Instructor Preference: 

Swim lessons are initially assigned to Swimmetro-certified Instructors who lifeguard at the same pool selected within the online order. If an Instructor is not available at the pool selected, we will reach out to Instructors from nearby facilities. If an Instructor still cannot be assigned within 10 days of the receipt of the order, an automatic refund will be issued back to the original method of payment with accompanying email.

Private Swim Lessons
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Price $25.00
5 or more $23.00 each
10 or more $20.00 each